Sub Sandwich and Mango Nectarine Bento

bento 39

bento 39

As you can tell, I didn’t spend much time in the kitchen this weekend. The best part of tomorrow’s lunch is the mango nectarine.

I found them at the fancy shmancy grocery store the other day. I’d never had one so I picked up a couple. They smell sooo good, fruity and buttery. They’re about the size of a plum, and they taste a bit like mango. The texture of the flesh was kind of like peach flesh. Due to their size, they are much easier to eat than a regular nectarine (easier to contain the juice and keep it from dripping all over my shirt).

Contrary to the name, they aren’t a cross between mangos and nectarines. They are a cross-breed of nectarine “sports”. What’s a sport? It’s a naturally occuring abnormality. So basically, this tasty little fruit has weirdos for parents. You can read more about that at the Fruitguys.

Summary: Smells good, tastes awesome, easy to eat, and only 60 calories. PERFECT lunch box fruit.  They’ve got a very short growing season, so get them while you can!

on the menu:

  • 1/2 Titan Sandwich from Ebert & Gerberts
  • Doritos
  • Mango nectarine
  • Le Petit Ecolier Milk Chocolate cookie

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