sweetheart of a lunch bento

i did a lot of cooking this weekend so i wouldn’t have to cook so much after work this week. one of the things i made ahead was lamb meatloaf. the kiddo LOVES lamb meatloaf. he can eat half a lamb meatloaf in a sitting. so you have to watch him because if he eats it all then you don’t have any left to make those yummy pita sandwiches with the leftovers. you’ll see those later this week. i got the recipe from my mom at kiddo’s exuberant insistance.  Mom modified the Quaker Oats prize-winning recipe that my grandma had been using for years to use ground lamb instead of ground beef, and it is deeeeeeeeelicious.  kiddo was right on this one.  ( i think i got that history right, if i didn’t, let me know).  sometimes i spice it up with a little masala or whatever takes my whim but tonight i made it pretty much as the recipe says, except subbing in the lamb.

i was going to make mashed potatoes tonight too but by the time i got everything else made ahead i was too lazy, so my lunch has Annie’s microwave mac & cheese instead.  i cut hearts out of radishes with my new little veggie cutter (which is actually a fimo clay cutter, never been used on fimo of course).  i also cut some string cheese and grape tomatoes on the diagonal to make some additional hearts, kind of a take-off on a technique i saw someone else do with sausages.

on the menu:

  • 1 slice lamb meatloaf  (the end piece, of course.  yum)
  • 1 serving Annie’s White Cheddar Mac & Cheese
  • sugar snap peas
  • garnish:  string cheese, radishes, grape tomatoes cut into hearts
  • 1 marshmallow heart for dessert
bento 07

bento 07

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