Yellow Flowers Bento – Inspired by Golden Kiwi

bento 37

bento 37

I’ve always wanted to do a series of bentos inspired by different colors, but it’s so hard to find things in season to do them all in a row.  Tonight when I was shopping I saw golden raspberries AND golden kiwi (I didn’t even know there WAS such a thing) and since I had made from scratch mac and cheese leftovers at home, I figured tonight was the perfect night to make a golden yellow bento.

Interesting kiwi facts:  green and golden kiwi not only look different, they taste different too!  I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t tell you which I like better.  And how’s this for weird…if you are allergic to latex, you are likely to be allergic to kiwi too! You can read more about the difference between green and golden kiwi here.

This is another one of those bentos where I got a little help from the deli.  The entree is leftover homemade mac & cheese, made at D’s request this weekend.   I also got some yellow squash, diced breaded chicken breast and baby corn from the salad bar at the grocery and I tried to make those into a flower.  I don’t think I was quite successful, but I had to work with what I had. I bought little yellow cakes for shortcake, and I topped one of those with the golden raspberries.  I cut the yellow kiwi in a flower pattern and tossed in a few mini Nilla wafers.

on the menu:

  • homemade mac & cheese
  • breaded chicken breast
  • yellow squash
  • baby corn
  • golden raspberry shortcake
  • golden kiwi
  • mini Nilla wafers

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