5 leaf clovers are NOT lucky

5 Leaf Clover - not lucky.

I had decided that since today was such a beautiful sunny day it would be a great day to deep clean and detail the car. I worked for about an hour, and then because I was sitting in the car cleaning the dash and I was getting a bit hot decided to take a break in the shade.

While I was sititng there I found a 5 leaf clover. It’s not terribly unusual to find more-than-threes in my yard, I found a 7 leaf a few years ago, but I thought I’d scan this before it wilted or got eaten by bugs.

That’s when I found out that 5 leaf clovers are not lucky.

My scanner drivers had gone bad. I had to do a reinstall and that meant I had to reboot. I’d been avoiding rebooting because I’d been keeping Photoshop open since I was running the trial and was past the trial period but it was still working as long as I didn’t close it. Soooo now, thanks to this 5 leaf clover, I am without Photoshop until I get my license early next week.

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